Cleighten Cornelius & Krystal Palmer


Cleighten Cornelius

Like many Kiwis, when he was younger Cleighten chose to travel to Europe during his gap year.  Fuelled by a desire to see what was on the other side of the world; and an innate sense of adventure and fun, Cleighten certainly made the most of his time.  He had the salubrious honour of playing cricket for the Bunbury Cricket Club – the world’s number one celebrity cricket team. He lays claim to sharing bats with the likes of British Prime Minister John Major, Jamaican cricketer Michael Holding and European footballer Gary Lineker as well as meeting the last remaining Bee Gee.

Having discovered the joys of travelling, it was only fitting that when he returned to New Zealand to his university studies, he chose a career which would ensure more travel in the future.  Cleighten completed his Bachelor in viticulture and oenology at Lincoln University and again set off to the northern hemisphere to work vintages in France (Chambolle-Musigny), Germany (Rheingau) and Cyprus.

Returning to his hometown of Marlborough, with world class experience under his belt, Cleighten initially worked at Allan Scott as Winemaker, before joining the Mud House team in 2012.

After a decade of winemaking, Cleighten’s core focus remains unchanged, “to make the best wine possible!” He believes learning is the key, both experimentally and from others. Having a job where you only get one chance a year to perfect your art, means that winemaking remains challenging and a continual evolving process.

Cleighten and his wife Caroline are very proud of their young family (three daughters!).  He spends his time enjoying the outdoor lifestyle which is synonymous with life in the South Island of New Zealand.  Camping, fishing and playing cricket in a local “serious/social” club team, along with brewing craft beer and picking up the guitar when time permits. When you meet Cleighten you can still see the spark of the young traveller with a wicked sense of humour that once played cricket with the PM of the UK and other sporting legends.

Krystal Palmer

After four years tripping around the globe, Krystal returned home to Marlborough, but with itchy feet. Looking for a career change, Krystal bowled up to the local polytech open day, seeking inspiration.

Inspiration was found and the rest is history – Krystal graduated with her Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology from Lincoln in 2012.

Krystal has experience across many facets of winemaking, including assistant viticulturist and winemaker, and has done vintages in Marlborough, Waipara, United States and China.

It is red wine that is Krystal’s passion, particularly a juicy pinot noir. “When I make Pinot Noir, it is in a hand off fashion. With minimal intervention, the purity and elegance of Pinot Noir really shines through.”

When it comes to her job, it’s the opportunity to meet and work with amazing people that Krystal thrives on. “As well as the science, I love the art and creativity of winemaking. It is fluid, never stagnant – there are so many challenges and different branches to winemaking. I love that.”

Outside of work hours, you’ll find Krystal with her family, on the stage singing, dancing or acting, or in the surf.

"My parents wanted to me to be a lumberjack, but I had other ideas. Winemaking offers such great opportunities to travel the world and have a job that I love. Living in Marlborough just doesn't get any better when you can cook up fresh seafood caught with your own two hands"- Cleighten Cornelius.
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